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Why were the Petroglyphs made?


There were many reasons for creating the Petroglyphs at Leo, most of which are not well understood by non-Native Americans. Petroglyphs are more than just "rock art", picture writing or an imitation of the natural world.


They should not be confused with hieroglyphics, which are symbols used to represent words. Petroglyphs are powerful cultural symbols that represent complex societies and religions from the surrounding area..

The context of each image is believed to be extremely important and integral to its meaning. Some Native Americans stated that each Petroglyph image was not a casual random decision.

Some Petroglyphs have meanings that are only known to individuals who made them. Others represent tribal or society markers. Some it is believed are religious entities and others show who came to this area and where they went. While viewing the Petroglyphs please consider their importance to the past and present cultures.