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O2 Derm™ PET is new! A safe, topical healing gel for Dogs, Cats, Horses, and more. Goes on without irritation to soothe pain, dry skin, itching, and inflammation. Great help for interdigital cysts and fungus. Never before has there been a product on the market containing the levels of pure molecular oxygen offered by O2 Derm™ PET. Our unique, patented technology allows us to supersaturate our gel with molecular oxygen, which is is known to promote healing and relieve strains and sprains. Great for Veterinarians, Kennels, and Animal Shelters. “Discovering O2 Derm has truly been a blessing to my practice…It has given my associates and me a novel, safe (in over a year of use I have seen zero reactions) and incredibly effective way to heal abrasions, sores, and cysts. In addition, O2 Derm provides almost immediate relief from local pain and itchiness.” — Michael Hutchinson, D.V.M., P.C When it comes to your dog, cat, or other family pet, you want a pain relief product that is effective and gentle, easy to apply and pet safe. Six Simple Ingredients O2 Derm™ PET is a scientific advance in formulation and production, a new, patented product (U.S. Patent 7,288,574) with the following ingredients: Distilled Water, LAPONITE® XLG (A Natural Clay: LAPONITE® is a registered trademark of BYK Additives Ltd.), Silicone (Safe, Non-Toxic Softening and Lubricating Agent Widely Used in Cosmetics), Epsom Salts (A Source of Magnesium used in Ancient Chinese Medicine), Oxygen (The Stuff You Breathe), and Nitrous Oxide (A Natural Analgesic Discovered in 1793) Add a small amount of a food-grade compound used in marshmallows and toothpaste (TSPP), and the end result is an odorless, greaseless gel that is easy to apply and offers no burning or cooling sensation. Simply rub O2 Derm PET on your pet’s skin and let it go to work. It can be applied externally to any skin surface and rubbed into sore paws or interdigital cysts. Avoid contact with your pet’s eyes.

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