Serious Skin Care FirmA-Face XR 3.2 Oz (1 PACK)


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Serious Skin Care FirmA-Face XR 3.2 Oz (1 PACK) Description

FIRMAFACE XR is your instant — TEMPORARY — all over skin tightener. Within minutes you can watch as wrinkles are temporarily smoothed over, the skin is temprarily pulled tighter, the pores appear to be shrunk closed. Nose to mouth lines appear to look diminished, under eye puffiness looks smoother and crows feet seem to disappear. THE DIFFERENCE…..After approximately 3-5 minutes from application splash clean cool water on the skin and pat dry (do not rub). As the skin begins to dry you can feel the Firmaface XR start to temporarily tighten within the pore, line and wrinkle. The skin seems to refirm, the pores look tightened, puffy areas appear smoother. Moisturizers, liquid makeup etc are layered on top as you continue with your usual beauty routine.THE TECHNOLOGY…..We took Fluid skin tighteners and liquid film formers — that have traditionally laid on top of the skin — and we micronized them. The new micronized molecular weight allows our firming ingredients to filter deep into the wrinkles, lines and pores where they perform their intended temporary firming benefits from within the imperfections to help reconnect and tighten the look of skins surface without the delicate topical film that can easily be disrupted by facial movements creams and liquid makeup

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